The Loft Violin Shop Rental Application

Choose Your Instrument

Instrument *
Violin Size *
Initial Payment $40.00
Viola Size *
Initial Payment $40.00
Initial Payment $60.00
Cello Size *
Initial Payment $80.00
Bass Size *
Initial Payment $100.00
For help determining the correct instrument size, visit our helpful online guide.

Student and School Information

Dublin Middle Schools *
Reynoldsburg schools pick up in the store. You will get an email from your teacher to remind you to pick up your new instrument before school starts.
Which school will the student attend for strings class? *
Pick-up, Delivery, or Parcel Post? * 🛈
Pick-up or Parcel Post? * 🛈
Pick-up or Parcel Post? * 🛈
Pick-up or Parcel Post? * 🛈
Pick-up or Parcel Post? * 🛈
Pick-up or Parcel Post or Fall 2024 Delivery * 🛈
*If you chose "Fall Delivery," please insure the school listed is the school the student will be attending in the Fall.
**Please also note that your card may be charged up to two weeks before your district's Fall delivery date in order to ensure all card numbers are correct and all instruments are aptly prepared.
Please check with your orchestra teacher for the next scheduled visit. Regular visits don't begin until approximately late September for most districts. If you do not see a Fall delivery option, the delivery deadline likely has already passed. If you need your instrument sooner, please choose "Pick up in Store" or call 614-267-7221 to discuss options.
Please check with your orchestra teacher or give us a call at 614-267-7221 to determine the next scheduled visit. 
One time shipping charge for violin or viola: $25-$50 (location dependant)
***Due to risk of damage and high cost, shipping is not available for cellos nor basses***
If you choose "Pick up in Store", your instrument is ready to pick up any time at your convenience. Your card will not be charged until you pick up the instrument.


Music Books 🛈
Music Stands 🛈
Optional Accessories 🛈
** Your new rental outfit includes a rosin, cleaning cloth, foam shoulder rest for violin and viola, and slip stop for cello and bass at no additional charge.
**Violas 15" and larger are considered "large violas." Violas 14" and smaller will use the corresponding violin sized shoulder rest (14" = 4/4, 13" = 3/4, 12" = 1/2, 11" = 1/4).
** The Worthington Chrisitian Package includes Essential Elements Book 1 and Hamilton music stand
** The Canterbury Package includes Essential Elements Book 1 and Hamilton music stand
Accessories Subtotal (before tax):
Accessories Subtotal (including tax):

Adult Renter Information

  * The adult assuming financial responsibility is the renter. The renter must be at least 21 years old * 
The address on file must be a physical address, NOT a PO box. However, mail can be sent to a PO box if preferred, simply indicate so in the special instructions at the end of the application.

Renter's Employment Information

  Spouse's Employment Information  

Payment Information

Your credit card will NOT be charged until you pick your new rental up at The Loft Violin Shop or it is prepared for school delivery.
Please note that for Fall delivery, your card may be charged up to 2 weeks prior to your district's delivery date in order to aptly prepare all instruments and confirm credit card numbers. At this time, the information below is ONLY for reserving your instrument.
By providing your credit card information, your new rental account will be set-up as an autopay.  Your monthly payments will be charged one month after the delivery or pick-up date. 
Violin monthly rent $21.50 (including tax)
Viola (small) monthly rent $21.50 (including tax)
Viola (large) monthly rent $32.25 (including tax)
Cello monthly rent $43.00 (including tax)
Bass monthly rent $53.75 (including tax)
 If you have any questions regarding payment, please email us at
SIGNATURE REQUIRED: I have read, understand and agree to the conditions of the Rental Agreement. I hereby authorize The Loft Violin Shop to initiate debit entries and to initiate, if necessary, credit enteries and any adjustments for any debt entries made in error to the account selected above. The authority is to remain in full force and effect until the rental contract is terminated.
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