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Lead Passenger Information

Full names must be listed as they appear on your government issued identification and passport for all travelers.
If additional space is needed use the space located at the bottom of the form.
If you have not yet obtained a passport--you can still book, just make sure that you apply for your passport ASAP if needed for travel outside of the United States. If you don't have a passport, but are planning on getting one before travel please list your FULL NAME (first, middle, last) please on the form below.
By filling in this document, you agree to become a client of LTW Travel LLC and its respective contracted agents. The Passenger names below hearinafter in this document shall be referred to as customer.

Passenger 2 Information

Passenger 3 Information

Passenger 4 Information

Passenger 5 Information

All names and dates of birth listed above are as they appear on the respective government issued identification for each named person. Customer is aware that it is necessary for passports to be valid for 6 months from the date of my return.

Customer is aware that a PASSPORT BOOKLET is needed in order to fly into and outside of the United States into another country and that a PASSPORT CARD is NOT a valid form of identification to fly into and outside of the United States.

Resort Information

Travel Documents Disclosure

Many countries will deny entrance of U.S. Citizens who have been convicted of a certain crime. In some places and under certain circumstances, not limited to a DUI, Felony, or overdue Child Support, you may be denied the right the use a valid passport when departing the USA and/or entering another governed body or country.
Please be advised if there are any questions about your rights or on your eligibility of your passport, that it is up to you to consult with an attorney and/or the consulate of the countries that you are visiting prior to travel.
We will not be resposible for any denied boarding or entry due to legal matters.

Travel Protection

Please Read Carefully: Purchasing travel protection can minimize monetary loss due to circumstances beyond your control as a traveler.   We believe that your upcoming vacation is a significant investment which you should protect.  For this reason we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance.  If you choose to decline this valuable protection, you are assuming any financial loss associated with your travel investment.

Furthermore, the US Health Care Financial Administration (HCFA), the federal agency that supervises Medicare, and the U.S. State Department advises Americans to purchase travel protection when they travel abroad.  “Medicare, and many health insurance plans do not cover you when you travel abroad” (noted on page 3 of the U.S. Passport).

Your travel advisor has carefully selected the best travel protection coverage available and has informed you via email what this protection covers.

Please select whether you accept or decline travel protection below. Thanks!
The customer acknowledges that he/she has been offered and declined travel insurance protection. This protection may include trip cancellation, baggage, medical and evacuation coverage. I also understand that there are often penalties imposed by cruise lines and/or travel providers for changes and late cancellation.

Because travel protection has been DECLINED, customer is subject to penalties from the travel supplier(s) that may equal up to 100% of the total travel package purchased--meaning that the customer may not be entitled to a refund of ANY monies spent on the travel package.

If any event that would have been covered had I (we) taken travel insurance occurs, I (we) will hold LTW Travel LLC and my Travel Consultant harmless.
The customer acknowledges that DECLINING travel protection subjects them to the following fees in addition to any supplier cancellation fees: -Cancellation fee of $50 per person by LTW Travel LLC *

Payment Information

Please note that a $25 change fee will be assessed after Final Payment if any changes need to be made to your reservation. Please check and make sure that all information on this form is correct. *
Signature *
Note: Your card will not automatically be charged by completing and submitting this form; however, completing and submitting this form does give the agent the right to charge the card for the amount and purpose authorized above.
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