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If you cannot be at class, find a qualified sub from your teacher roster, or from a teacher who has previously taught. If you have a last minute emergency, contact the Safety Team Member to call a shoulder tapper to find a sub.PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE!!!
Teachers should sign in when they arrive, either in the FLC teacher sign-in book, or on the nursery class sign-in sheets
Badges should be worn to indicate all teachers, Subs, Supervisors, Safety Team Members, and other Children’s Ministry Support staff.
All children must be checked in and signed out by their parents. The parent’s cell number and the child’s allergy status must be completed on the sign-in sheet. If a parent picking up a child does not have a claim card, he/she cannot pick up the child unless he/she presents a picture I.D. and has a church member verify identity. The person who verifies should also sign legibly in the margin alongside the parent.
Except for well-traveled public areas such as hallways or foyers, there should be two adults with the children at all times, including in the bathrooms. . If for any reason a teacher must be called out or needs to leave the classroom or other area, the class Supervisor, usher (if in the Nursery area) or Safety Team Member must be called to the classroom or other area immediately.
Visitors and members who are not teaching the class are not allowed to be in the classroom, unless they are permitted by a Supervisor, Usher, or Safety Team Member. Children who are not on the roll or signed in should not be in the classroom unless expressly permitted by the Supervisor or Safety Team Member.
Snacks and Allergies: Teachers need to make sure the sign-in sheets are updated with the current allergy information on all children, and that children Kindergarten or younger with allergies wear allergy wrist bands. In the FLC First floor kitchen and in the 2 Year classroom there is posted a list of ingredients in the snacks provided by North River.
Under No Circumstances Should A Teacher:
 Spank, pop, slap, shake, pinch, or threaten to do so, talk down to the child, yell, or speak harshly
 Touch a child in anger, or in any improper or offensive way
 Embarrass the child by scolding in front of others, or label the child by saying “You’re bad”
 Use facial expressions which indicate frustration or anger
 Isolate in extended (longer than a couple of minutes) “time out”
When going to the playground or to another teaching area, leave a note on your door to make sure the Supervisor or Safety Team Member knows where your class is at all times.
Unusual classroom incidents Any unusual classroom disruptions, accidents, loss of (or extra) children, or parent dissatisfaction should be reported to the Safety Team Member or area Supervisor immediately. The Safety Team Member or Supervisor will relay this information to the Children's Ministry Director, and may determine that an Incident Report be filled out. A teacher may elect to fill out a report if he determines it necessary.
Incidents Resulting In Injury
When an incident occurs which results in a physical injury to a child, the teacher should inform the Safety Team Member or area Supervisor immediately. The Safety Team Member or Supervisor will relay this information to the Children's Ministry Director, and may determine that an Incident Report be filled out. If the injury is severe, the Safety Team Member or Supervisor will call 911, a medical team representative, and the parent. Regardless of the severity of the injury the parent should be informed by the Safety Team Member or Supervisor when he/she picks up the child, even if the child seems fine. Parents of Infants/Toddlers should be informed immediately, even during service.
Eligibility to Teach: No one who has abused a child, who has been accused of abusing a child, who has a criminal record related to child abuse, or who thinks he/she has a tendency toward child abuse may teach or have any responsibilities placing him/her in contact or proximity to children.
Responsibility to Report Abuse (Includes sexual, physical, emotional, and neglect)
North River Children’s Ministry volunteers are now among those who must report suspected abuse under Georgia law. If a teacher believes that a child may be the victim of physical or sexual abuse by a teacher, parent, or other party, he/she should immediately inform the Children’s Ministry Director, who will report the suspected abuse in accordance with the procedures specified in the Georgia Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Act.
Abuse: Church volunteers and staff should be alert to the physical signs of sexual abuse and molestation, as well as to behavioral and verbal signs that a victim may exhibit. Some of the more common signs are summarized below.
 Physical signs may include: Lacerations and bruises; Nightmares; Irritation, pain, or injury to the genital area; Difficulty with urination; Discomfort when sitting; Torn or bloody underclothing; Venereal disease.
 Behavioral signs may include: Anxiety when approaching Church or nursery area; Nervous or hostile behavior toward adults; Sexual self-consciousness; “Acting out” of sexual behavior; Withdrawal from Church activities and friends.
 Verbal signs may include the following statements: “I don’t like [a particular Church volunteer].”; “[A Church volunteer] does things
Confidentiality: Abuse information is extremely confidential and potentially volatile. Therefore, there should be no discussions of any abuse information with anyone other than as directed by this policy. Teachers should discuss any potential indication of abuse, either physical or sexual, only with the Children’s Ministry Director unless otherwise directed by the Children’s Ministry Director.
Fire Drill Information: I have reviewed the fire drill procedures and designated assembly areas for my class.
As a volunteer in the North River Church of Christ Children’s Ministry, I have been informed of the above policies and procedures of North River Church of Christ. I agree to be bound by these policies and to refrain from unscriptural and unlawful conduct in the performance of my services on behalf of the church.
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