Request Form for Design Firm Referral Matches

Please answer as many of the following questions as relevant, or possible, and add a narrative where ever you would like in the Note boxes.

Once we receive your completed request form we will review the criteria, contact potential design firm matches to confirm availability and interest, and return to you a digital and printable introduction to three firms for you to share with your client.

If you would like to refer a specific firm or make any other edits to our matches please feel free to reply with your requests and we will edit the introduction presentation accordingly.
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About the Property

Home Type

About the Owners

First time homeowners?
Marital/Family Status
Age Range of Owners

About the Project

Renovation Needs
Will your client want to have work done before they move in? If so how far in advance
Budget estimate for service and furnishings

Getting to Know the Owners

Your client strikes you as someone who (Select all that apply)
Most important room in the house for them
What stores could you find a gift at for your client that you think they would love? Check all that apply
Has your client expressed a style preference either directly or through their responses to showings? Check all that apply
If your client could pick 3 design magazines to look at which do you think they would select:
When you make small talk with your client which of the following do they chat about? Check all that apply
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