Florida Department of Corrections

Visitation Scheduling Form

*You must be an APPROVED visitor on the requested inmate's visitation list to utilize this form* 

If you are NOT an approved visitor, you will not be allowed to visit. For more information on what it means to be an approved visitor and how to become one, click here: http://fdc.myflorida.com/ci/visit.html. It is your responsibility to ensure you are an approved visitor.

You cannot schedule a visit with an inmate whose visits are suspended, is in Administrative or Disciplinary Confinement, or is currently in the reception process.

Desired Visitation Day(s) *
Desired Visitation Day(s) - Incentivized *
Relationship to the Inmate * 🛈

PLEASE NOTE: Each visitor 12 years of age or older must submit a visitation request form individually.

Pursuant to Rule 33-601.723, Florida Administrative Code, Visiting Check-In Procedures - Only five (5) approved visitors, 12 years of age or older, at any time may visit an inmate in the visiting area. Children 11 years old and younger do not count against the five approved visitors.