Insertion Order
Step 1 - Billing/Contact information
Step 2 - Choose your ad size
Print ad - interior pages
Print ad - backboard
Step 3 - Choose your frequency rate
Note: When selecting a frequency higher than 1x, your ads do not have to appear in consecutive issues. Your sales rep will work with you to figure out your advertising plan for the year at the time of contract signing.
Step 4 - Choose your issues
Marketing Calendar (please select which Volume 7 issues to run your ad)
*Check with your sales rep for availability
Step 5 - Secondary advertising?
Web ad - order separately, or alongside a print ad!
Complimentary with print frequency rate of 26x
50% off when purchasing at least 12x print advertising
Ad size
Step 6 - Who designs? (If you need our help, we have an in-house designer. Extra fees may apply)
Ad Design
Important: Whether you are submitting a camera-ready ad or we are bulding your ad, it is very important that you read our Production Guidelines and Terms & Conditions. The former includes all the information you should need about file types and submitting your files. Contact your sales rep with any questions or problems with file delivery.
Step 7 - Finalize your order and IMPORTANT information
Deadline for all ads/materials is Thursdays 5 pm before the issue date. Please send as early as possible to   Please carefully review our Production Guidelines
Payments are due in advance the Thursday before the run date until credit is established. If you forsee any problems with making payments by the deadline please let us know.
Agreement to Terms   
By entering your name into the box below, you agree with our Terms & Conditions.
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