LaSalle Peru Area Career Center

Hall of Success

As a past graduate of the Area Career Center we would like to use your experience here, and your subsequent success, to provide inspiration for our current students.  To do so, we would like to create a poster that gives a brief glimpse of your experience at the ACC, and then relates that experience to what you currently do as a profession.  If you could answer the questions below, and provide a picture of yourself, we will use that information to create a poster that will be displayed in the halls of the ACC. 
Disclaimer:  By filling out this form, the submitter is consenting to having their image, and provided information, used in the creation of a Hall of Success.  As such, the provided information and images will be displayed publicly within the ACC.  All images and information are released (by the submitter) and no claim may be made for compensation as per the use of the provided information and images.  Furthermore, the submitter attests that all information provided is true and accurate, and that the image is of themself and is free of all copyright, and may be used by the ACC in this project.