2018 VVHS Summer Camp Registration

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Week 1 Camps - May 29-June 1

Soccer Day Camp - May 29-June 1 - $90
Baseball Camp Ages 6-12 years old - May 29-31 - $90.00
Boys Basketball Camp Registration- Grades 6-9 for 18/19 SY - May 29-31 - $75.00

Week 2 Camps - June 4-June 8

Soccer Finishing Camp Registration - June 5-7 - $70
Boys Basketball Camp Registration- Grades K-5 for 18/19 SY - June 5-June 7- $75.00

Week 3 Camps - June 11 -June 15

Girls Basketball Camp Registration-June 11-June 14- $90.00

Week 4 Camps - June 18 -June 22

Boys Basketball Competition Camp Registration-June 18-June 20- $75.00
Track and Field Camp Registration-June 19-June 21- $90.00
Football Camp Registration- June 23 - $55

Week 5 Camps - June 25 -June 29

Volleyball Camp Registration-June 25-June 28- $90

Week 7 Camps - July 9-13

Spanish Camp Registration- July 9-13- $75
(5 remaining)

Week 11 Camps - August 6-10

La Liga Soccer Camp - AM Session August 6-9- $155
La Liga Soccer Camp - PM Session August 6-9- $155

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Household / Adult Primary Information

Parent Authorization & General Release of Liability I approve of my child participating in all activities at any of the Volcano Vista Summer Athletic Camps and certify that s/he is in good health and is fit to participate. I understand that there are inherent risks in camp activities, which have been considered and which the Participant assumes. Participant has medical insurance and has had a health physical within the past year. I agree to hold harmless VVHS/APS and its agents from claims or damages due to injury to person or property caused by act or failure to act by VVHS/APS. I consent to emergency medical treatment for my child, if in the judgment of the camp staff it is required. This waiver has been read and understood and is electronically signed voluntarily by me as the legal representative for the participant: *
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