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Friday, July 16 and Saturday, July 17, 2021
Location: Freimann Square Parking Lot
Deadline: June 16, 2021
Please remember sending application does not guarantee acceptance.
Space available for only 10 groups!
COVID-19: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, each vendor will be required to submit a COVID-19 Response Plan to the festival office by June 15, 2021. Each vendor will also be required to submit a daily health screening questionnair for each artist adn/or employee of the booth to the International Village Committee. The health screening questionnaire will be provided to each vendor by the Three Rivers Festival. This rule may be modified and/or added to at any time per the recommendations of the Allen County Department of Health, the Indiana Department of Health and/or the CDC. Vendors will be provided with updated safety guidelines prior to the start of the festival.
Is your organization a non-profit? *

A $100.00 booth reservation fee will be charged to all applicants. The reservation fee is 100% refundable upon completion of participation in the event. Booth fees will be refunded within 30 days after the festival ends.

Reservation Fee *
Each group will have a 10' x 10' tent space inside the big tent in the Freiman Square Parking Lot. . We will provide booth space, 2 chairs, 2 tables and minimal area lighting.  Groups may bring their own  specific booth lighting needs.  Groups must bring their own booth display materials (table covers, backdrop, posters, etc).
Do you need electricity? *
Planned Performance:
All groups at International Village are encouraged to have a native dance, musical group, story teller, or other demonstration or performance for the stage. Stage and sound system will be provided. Each performance should be up to 20 minutes in length.
What type of demonstration/performance will you provide?
Traditional Dress Procession: 
On Saturday afternoon International Village will have its first traditional dress procession. Participants will dress in the traditional dress of their home countries and walk across the stage to show thier clothing to festival guests.
Would you like to participate in the Traditional Dress Procession? *
Education Component:
50% of your booth space must be dedicated to educating the public on the country you are representing. This can be done through displays which inform guests of your country's heritage and traditions, interesting facts about your country, a display of traditional clothing or crafts, etc. Please describe the educational aspect below

All groups with food items must comply with all Allen County Board of Health rules and regulations for preparing and selling food, including permit and inspection by the Board of Health before opening. If the group/organization is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-profit organization, they may be allowed up to 15 days annually to sell food without a Temporary Food Establishment Permit. If the Group/Organization does not fall into this category, then they must get a Temporary Permit. Call the Allen County Board of Health (260/449-7561) or use the link below.

Will you be selling food? *
Will the food items be prepackaged or cooked on site?
Will you be selling crafts or other non-food items? *

COVID-19 Response Plan

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Applicant Acknowledgement
Applicant understands and agrees to all Board of Health requirements and will apply for a permit, should one be needed.
Submission of this application in no way grants consideration, acceptance or occupancy at any Three Rivers Festival event or venue, without express written consent in the form of a fully executed Three Rivers Festival License Agreement.
Applicant certifies that all information submitted is true and correct.
Applicant and applicant's employees, agents, successors and officers agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Three Rivers Festival Executive Board, Inc., its board members, officers, employees, agents, successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, actions, demands, damages and expenses arising from the submission of this application.
Acceptance of Applicant Acknowledgement and Board of Health Regulations *
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