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Saturday, July 13 2019

Location: Historic West Central Neighborhood and Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana

Parade Theme:

This year’s Lutheran Health Network Three Rivers Festival Parade is sure to thrill and excite festival-goers of all ages.  Join the Three Rivers Festival on July 13, 2019, as we pay tribute to the Summer of '69. 

Parade Application Deadline: April 30, 2019, Late entries will be subject to a $25 fee after this date. The application will close on May 11th to allow enough time for planning.

Applications are welcome from all interested groups; Three Rivers Festival reserves the right to decline any application/entry. Parade entries which are primarily advertising in nature are not permitted.

Parade Rules

Parade Criteria - For ALL Entries
1. Minimum age to ride on any unit is 5 years old.
2. If walking, children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult, and have a stroller or wagon available in case of fatigue. Any exceptions to age limits must be pre-approved by TRF.
3. All participants are expected to be of sound mind and body, sober and cooperative with Parade officials before and during the Parade. Failure to comply will result in immediate removal of parade.
4. All entries must arrange for power, helium or any other supplies needed for set-up/tear-down of their unit.
5. All entries are responsible for ensuring their unit can safely fit on the Parade route (considering trees, street lights, turns, etc.)
6. Your organization's name must be an integral part of your unit, or may appear on a banner preceding or following your unit. Any advertising should be covered. Website address and phone number for your company may be displayed. Use of partisan political signs or other political material on any entry is prohibited on or around the Parade route. Any controversial statements, pictures or actions may cause your unit to be ejected from the parade.
7. All entries must incorporate the parade theme: Summer of '69.
Policy on Candy/Handouts

Parade units will no longer be able to pass out candy, pencils, toys, business cards, flyers or handouts of any kind. The passing out of candy and other items entices children to enter the parade route where they face the possibility of injury. We have had several close calls over the years and continue to initiate measures to help protect our community children. While we understand that the children of our community maybe very disappointed with this new policy, our number one priority is the safety of everyone attending and participating in the parade.

Marching Band Criteria
1. Bands are encouraged to perform over as much of the Parade route as possible.
2. No unit is permitted to STOP to perform. All choreography or demonstrations must be accomplished while moving forward, unless an exception is granted IN ADVANCE by the Parade Committee.
3. All members of a Band MUST continue to march forward while turning corners, keeping pace with the rest of the Parade.
4. Bands may not be followed by transportation buses or other large vehicles. This rule will be strictly enforced. Decorated golf carts or wagons ARE allowed as support vehicles on the Parade route.
5. Bands may be identified by banners or signs preceding the groups, or by signage that is an integral part of the group. Vehicles may not be used to identify bands.
6. The band is encouraged to dress appropriately. If the band chooses not to wear regular uniforms, then it should select the dressiest uniform possible for summer weather.
7. Any band stipend given by TRF is contingent on sponsorship obtained and the number of marching bands that qualify to participate in the Parade.
a. Fort Wayne and Allen County High Schools will receive first rights to receive the stipend if applied for by the April 30, 2019 deadline. Schools applying after that date may not qualify due to total number of Marching Bands that have met the application deadline.
b. Any remaining funds will be awarded to marching bands from outside Allen County based on the date of their application. Applications must be COMPLETE, and include Announcer Copy.
c. Bands will be notified by email, no later then May 30, 2019, as to whether or not they will receive a stipend.
9. All units must be at the specified marshalling spot on time or they will not be allowed to participate.
10. Parade officials may disqualify an entry at any time if, in their opinion, the entry is not fully observed Parade rules and regulations or if the official ovserves any behavior or circumstances which is considered to be unsafe.