GATRA 2022 ProStart Scholarship Application

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Personal Data

Application Qualifications

Please check to confirm that you meet each qualification outlined below.
Please check applicable category: *
Are you a current Texas ProStart student or, if in college, were you a Texas ProStart student in high school? *
I am currently located in the Austin area. *
I demonstrate the ability and desire to become an asset to the foodservice industry, and my personal aims and goals are consistent with this requirement. *
My degree plan is in a foodservice or hospitality program. *
I agree to be contacted for future follow‐up and data. *

GPA and Transcript

GPA information below will be evaluated.
All applicants must include a current high school or college transcript (official preferred).
Have you applied to this college? *
Have you taken any college courses? *

Activities and Awards 

Activities and Awards will be evaluated. Please include various organizations such as school groups, sports teams, youth clubs, church groups, etc. 

Work History and Internships 

Please list all current or previous employment and internships. Work in a student run café is considered employment for the purposes of this application.


At least 1 reference letter is required. References must speak to the student’s:
  • Character: integrity, work ethic, or school dedication.
  • Performance: attendance, work performance or grades, ability to follow through on commitments (ie, are assignments completed on time, is the student on time to work, school, internship or volunteer projects), ability to be a valued team player.
  • Leadership: Is the student a leader in school, at work or in other organizations? If so, what is his or her role and how successfully do they fulfill that role?

Please include a brief essay (250 words or less) that addresses the questions below.
  • Why are you passionate about the hospitality/foodservice industry? What makes you want to pursue a career in the hospitality industry?
  • What are your career goals? How do you feel about the time and effort it will take to fulfill those goals?
  • How will a GATRA scholarship affect your education and career?
0/250 words
Optional Video (Extra Credit)
After completing the essay portion, you may also include a short extra credit video that highlights your personality, hobbies, or accomplishments. If you are recording a video, please upload the file OR include a link to where the video can be viewed (such as YouTube). Please film the video in landscape and keep the video under two minutes.

I have read, understand, and agree to the conditions outlined above and have indicated this by providing my checking the box on each of the lines provided. Additionally, I acknowledge that all the information included in this application is true and correct. *
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How did you hear about the GATRA ProStart Scholarship? *

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