TX Restaurant Relief Fund

2021 Women Owned Restaurant Application

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To support independent restaurants, the TX Restaurant Relief Fund distributes grants earmarked specifically for use to support keeping your doors open and workers employed.
As an independent restaurateur, please complete this application to the best of your ability. Eligible restaurants must be open/operating and plan to continue doing so. Closed restaurants are not eligible for this grant. Only independent restaurants with a minimum 51% female ownership located within the state of Texas are eligible for these grants sponsored by the Texas Conference for Women.
After submitting your application, it will be reviewed by the internal committee and a decision letter will follow. As soon as funds are available, you will recieve your grant. We will remain in contact with you throughout the process.
For the absence of doubt, an independent restaurant is defined as a restaurant owned by a corporation, limited liability partnership, general partnerships, or sole proprietorship, and is not a franchise of a national chain. Independent restaurant chains DO QUALIFY for this grant. Only one application is required for all multi-unit operators.
If you have any questions, or to check status of your application, feel free to email trrfgrants@txrestaurant.org.

By checking this box, you affirm that a minimum 51% of your business is woman-owned. *
Please select from the below list that which best describes the ethnicity of the primary / majority owner of the business:

Acknowledgement of Declaration Statement Regarding Usage of Funds

I, the above-named representative of the above-named restaurant, do hereby agree to the following restricted usage of funds provided by the TX Restaurant Relief Fund to benefit my employees. Funds will only be used to accomplish 2 concurrent goals;

1) to help keep my doors open, and

2) to keep my workers employed and/or to support them financially.

I further acknowledge that these funds are to provide direct relief to independent restaurateurs to assist in supporting their employees and surviving the COVID-19 crisis.

I also authorize the Texas Restaurant Foundation to include my establishment in promotion of the fund.

(Restaurateurs should prepare to provide proof of how the funds were distributed, should the IRS request it. Guidance for how the funds should be distributed per tax code will be included in the award letter.)

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