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*Texas ProStart Invitational Update - Please Read*

We are excited to introduce a change to the Texas ProStart Invitational. Starting in 2024, High schools have the option to register a culinary arts team in either the “Nationals Track” or “Lone Star State Track” additionally a school may have a team (comprised of different students) in both tracks. This allows for flexibility and expands participation in various culinary events while ensuring the school's representation in the culinary arts field. 

Two culinary competition tracks: Upon registration, educators will have the opportunity to select their preferred track, with only the ProStart coordinator being aware of the chosen track for each participating school. It is important to note that the rules, judging criteria, and timing will remain consistent across both tracks. We believe these enhancements will further elevate the overall experience and ensure a fair competition for all participants. 

1) The Nationals Track offers an exhilarating and prestigious pathway tailored for aspiring culinary students to become professional chefs. This track serves as a platform to showcase their culinary talents, leadership abilities, and capacity to thrive under pressure, while simultaneously preparing them for a promising career in the culinary industry. The top three (3) placing teams will be awarded scholarships and prizes, with the winner of this division moving on to compete at the National ProStart Invitational in Baltimore, MD. 

2) The Lone Star State Track offers an inclusive and competitive experience designed for culinary students who are eager to explore their passion for cooking. This track fosters creativity, learning, and camaraderie. The top three (3) teams in this division will also be awarded scholarships and prizes as recognition for their outstanding performance. 

The 2024 Management Competition will continue with a single track, culminating in the winning team advancing to the National ProStart Invitational.