Chef Tim Kelly Educator Excellence Award Application

Texas ProStart instructors who demonstrate leadership and excellence in culinary education are eligible to contend for the annual Educator Excellence Award. Teachers must be advocates of the Texas ProStart program and dedicated to helping students achieve success. Awarded to educators who have made significant contributions in the classroom and beyond, the award package includes the following:

$1000 cash prize
Complimentary registration to the ProStart Educators Training Conference
2 tickets to the Texas Restaurant Show
2 tickets to Texas Restaurant Awards & Lone Star Bash
One-night hotel stay at Texas Restaurant Show
The following form should be filled out with the nominee's information only.
For any questions, please email Susan at
The deadline for this application is April 15, 2024.



Have your students participated in the Texas ProStart Invitational within the last three years? *
Have your students participated in other student culinary competitions? *

Professional Development

Have you participated in the ProStrt Educators Training Conference (formerly CETC) within the last three years? *

Local and/or Board of Trustees Involvement

Have you participated in community board activities that have demonstrated your leadership skills? *
Have you served on your local TRA chapter's Board of Directors? *

Additional Requirements for Consideration

0/500 words
A maximum of three (3) endorsement letters: two from administrators, co-workers, or anyone who can describe your professionalism and contributions to culinary education, and letter from a current or former student of yours. (Can be combined into one document)

OPTIONAL: No more than two additional pieces of support to include. This includes but is not limited to newspaper articles, media, etc. regarding your program, students, or yourself.