2020 TRAEF Educator Excellence Award Application

The following form should be filled out with the nominee's information only.
For any questions, please email Yvonne at yloya@txrestaurant.org.
The deadline for this application is June 15.



Have your students participated in the Texas ProStart Invitational within the last three years? *
Have your students participated in other student culinary competitions? *

Professional Development

Have you participated in the Culinary Educators Training Conference (CETC) within the last three years? *

Local and/or Board of Trustees Involvement

Have you participated in community board activities that have demonstrated your leadership skills? *
Have you served on your local TRA chapter's Board of Directors? *

Additional Requirements for Consideration

0/500 words
A maximum of three (3) endorsement letters: two from administrators, co-workers, or anyone who can describe your professionalism and contributions to culinary education, and letter from a current or former student of yours. (Can be combined into one document)

OPTIONAL: No more than two additional pieces of support to include. This includes but is not limited to newspaper articles, media, etc. regarding your program, students, or yourself.